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31st March 2022

Assessment is about more than just results

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In the digital assessment world RM is a long-established, strong brand. As RM Results, we have been known for our capabilities in e-marking. As our clients’ needs have changed, we have developed our technology and services to encompass all aspects of online assessment. While we still provide a robust e-marking solution at the end of an examination period; increasingly our clients look to our expertise to help them digitise their end-to-end assessment processes.

We understand that awarding organisations worldwide have different needs and are moving towards digital processes at varying speeds. Some are ready to transform their assessment methods through technology now. For others, enhancing their existing process is the appropriate approach. Whatever stage you may be at, we have the flexibility to help you along your journey.

As we help shape our clients’ future, continuing with the word ‘Results’ and all it conveys is no longer an accurate representation of the work we do. As we continue our learning journey, we do so simply as RM. An organisation with nearly 50 years in Edtech, whose goal remains the same, to enrich the lives of learners worldwide.


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