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27th June 2023 | Innovation

Assessment from RM wins award for innovation at the eAA conference and awards

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We are excited and humbled to share the news that Assessment from RM has been awarded the ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment’ award at this year’s e-Assessment Awards. Not only did we win the coveted innovation category, but we were also listed as finalists in the ‘Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project’. This kind of industry-wide recognition is testament to RM’s unwavering commitment to overcoming the challenges of digital adoption and enabling the education industry. 

The Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment’ award seeks to acknowledge an individual, team or organisation that has undertaken a project that has been highly innovative in terms of new technology, or how technology was used in a new and different way for the project. There was particularly strong competition in this category, with submissions coming from all over the world and with them, indication of the value of innovation across education delivery. In the end, we emerged as the standout winner, impressing the panel with our exam malpractice service. 

Gwyneth Toolan and Alex Spencer of RM accepting the eAA award for ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment’ 

During the presentation of the award, the presenter said: 

“This year we have witnessed an extraordinary level of entry. Each entry has demonstrated an excellent understanding of the requirements of the award. We have seen submissions from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, India, Turkey, Netherlands, the USA, and Ireland. They truly impressed us all.” 

“Each project showed immense innovation, but as per the essence of every competition, only one can be crowned the winner. Looking back, the panel of judges revealed that the aspect that stood out most about the winner was the standout feature of the use of AI to enhance examination integrity demonstrated by impressive statistical improvement. The technology holds potential for any organisation conducting digital free text response exams, promising improved security and the facilitation of marking duties.” 

The entry for this award serves as a notable example of RM’s partnership approach and its desire to improve the lives of learners around the world.   

By working alongside a customer in an iterative approach and applying user-led design thinking, RM developed a scalable, live solution in just six weeks that accurately identifies cases of exam malpractice – a prevalent challenge for awarding organisations. We brought together a team of experts from both organisations to identify the challenge in its rawest form, pose questions and innovate on a practical solution. Through an iterative and feedback-driven approach, we were able to work together to constantly improve the solution and in just six weeks, we had produced a validated, ready-to-use solution. The pace of malpractice detection enabled our customer to investigate and make decisions prior to results being released, and continuous collaboration has led to the detection of various forms of exam malpractice - particularly for remote invigilation. 

In response to the award, John Baskerville, Managing Director at Assessment from RM, said "we are truly honoured to be recognised with the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in developing software that is already helping assessment providers to defend themselves against malpractice and protect the integrity of their exams." 

This innovation project continues to evolve as the scope of the challenge grows. Watch this space, we might even be back next year for another award. 

Recognising Innovation 

Innovation underpins much of the work we do at Assessment from RM. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the learner experience and provide an accurate and authentic assessment of their skills and capabilities. To that end, we were delighted to also be shortlisted for a second award at the e-Assessment Awards for another innovation project. 

‘The Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project’ category seeks to acknowledge an assessment project or solution which brings clearly identifiable benefits to workplace or talent assessment in a specific field or fields. 

Whilst we didn’t win the category outright, we are immensely proud that we finished as Finalists for our work with Amplify Trading. Amplify Trading partnered with Assessment from RM and its adaptive comparative judgement (ACJ) product, RM Compare. This ground-breaking collaboration has produced an innovative solution to a unique problem, namely the rigorous judging and ranking of subjective candidate pitch decks. In doing so, it has been used successfully by a number of world leading financial institutions and premier university business schools to successfully identify and nurture early career talent.  

Assessment from RM is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions that empower awarding organisations to succeed in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a diverse portfolio of successful projects and a track record of excellence, Assessment from RM has established itself as a trusted partner for organisations across various industries. 

To learn more about Assessment from RM and its innovative solutions, please speak to one of our trusted consultants. 




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