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Assessment Blog

18th April 2023 | Innovation Customer 

How Adaptive Comparative Judgement enabled finance candidates to be assessed through real-world simulation

Corporate finance is a multidisciplinary domain requiring complex skills and competencies - so how can we assess these authentically? This blog explores a collaboration with Amplify Trading that uses adaptive comparative judgement in a peer assessment format to assess candidates' ability to present complex conclusions in actionable ways.

4th April 2023 | Innovation Customer 

Using Adaptive Comparative Judgement as a reliable way to assess oracy at scale

Oracy education is a powerful tool for learning. Despite its widely recognised importance, its assessment has been challenging. This blog explores a joint project with the UK's leading oracy education charity, Voice 21, on the use of comparative judgement as a reliable way to assess oracy at scale.

11th July 2022 | Innovation What's brewing? 

What's Brewing: Satisfice or Maximise?

It’s holiday season. Not in an American Christmas sense, but in a British, go to Spain and turn the colour of a lobster kind of sense. I was recently talking to a colleague about our respective partners being the chief holiday organiser and how they take it very seriously with an in-depth, thorough review of a range of hotels. I am definitely not that person, when it comes to holidays anyway. But it got me thinking about the way humans make decisions, and the idea that people fall into two categories: maximisers and satisficers.

27th June 2022 | Innovation What's brewing? 

What's Brewing: An introduction to product design at RM

I’m Rob Brewer and I’m a product designer in RM’s innovation team – RM Studio. I’ve been a designer (service and product) for 6 years and I’ve worked in finance, health tech and now education. Oh and another thing, I’m kind of a big fan of movies. That may or may not become apparent as you read on. 

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