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Assessment Blog

4th April 2024 | Online assessment Innovation Future of assessment 

RM Assessment prepares to live-stream an experiment: using AI to translate test items during the Cambridge Assessment Network conference

27th June 2023 | Innovation 

Assessment from RM wins award for innovation at the eAA conference and awards

The value of innovation across education delivery is irrefutable. This year's eAA awards saw submissions from all over the world and we are delighted to receive the 'Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment' award for our exam malpractice service and be shortlisted as finalists for the 'Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project’. This blog explores the projects in more detail.

18th April 2023 | Innovation Customer 

How Adaptive Comparative Judgement enabled finance candidates to be assessed through real-world simulation

Corporate finance is a multidisciplinary domain requiring complex skills and competencies - so how can we assess these authentically? This blog explores a collaboration with Amplify Trading that uses adaptive comparative judgement in a peer assessment format to assess candidates' ability to present complex conclusions in actionable ways.

4th April 2023 | Innovation Customer 

Using Adaptive Comparative Judgement as a reliable way to assess oracy at scale

Oracy education is a powerful tool for learning. Despite its widely recognised importance, its assessment has been challenging. This blog explores a joint project with the UK's leading oracy education charity, Voice 21, on the use of comparative judgement as a reliable way to assess oracy at scale.

11th July 2022 | Innovation What's brewing? 

What's Brewing: Satisfice or Maximise?

It’s holiday season. Not in an American Christmas sense, but in a British, go to Spain and turn the colour of a lobster kind of sense. I was recently talking to a colleague about our respective partners being the chief holiday organiser and how they take it very seriously with an in-depth, thorough review of a range of hotels. I am definitely not that person, when it comes to holidays anyway. But it got me thinking about the way humans make decisions, and the idea that people fall into two categories: maximisers and satisficers.

27th June 2022 | Innovation What's brewing? 

What's Brewing: An introduction to product design at RM

I’m Rob Brewer and I’m a product designer in RM’s innovation team – RM Studio. I’ve been a designer (service and product) for 6 years and I’ve worked in finance, health tech and now education. Oh and another thing, I’m kind of a big fan of movies. That may or may not become apparent as you read on.

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