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Assessment Blog

25th June 2024 | Digital assessment 

Paper to Digital and Beyond: the future of digital assessment

20th June 2024 | Digital assessment 

Digital Assessment Adoption: changing hearts and minds from the experience of CUPA and RM

17th June 2024 | Digital assessment 

Learner Experience: Now and Opinions about the Future

14th June 2024 | Digital assessment 

How do accrediting organisations successfully implement technological change in schools?

12th June 2024 | Digital assessment 

Post-webinar blog: How ACCA is creating truly global solutions for digital assessment

22nd May 2024 | Online assessment Customer Remote proctoring Rm Digital assessment E-marking Future of assessment Customer service 

How the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is creating truly global solutions for digital assessment

27th March 2024 | Digital assessment 

Post-webinar blog: Schools engagement with digital assessment

31st August 2023 | Digital assessment Future of assessment 

How can AI protect the integrity of digital assessments?

As more assessments move online, there is widespread concern around the ease of detecting malpractice going forwards. This blog explores some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions can be used in conjunction with pedagogical practices to safeguard the integrity of assessment.

6th June 2023 | Digital assessment 

How can we attract and retain talent through flexible delivery models?

Optimising candidate experience is central to attracting and retaining talent. This blog explores how three key flexible delivery models can be used to enhance candidate experience and the support required.

7th December 2022 | Digital assessment 

What role will digital assessment play in the future of assessment in England’s secondary schools?

Following Ofqual’s announcement of a three-year plan to explore the use of innovative technology in the English exam system earlier this year, there has been some discussion within the assessment sector as to what the future might look like. The Westminster Education Forum held a conference on Wednesday 23rd November to explore just that – the future of assessment in England’s secondary schools. RM’s Head of Propositions for Assessment, Ian Castledine, joined the panel and delivered a keynote speech.

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