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Assessment Blog

22nd May 2024 | Online assessment Customer Remote proctoring Rm Digital assessment E-marking Future of assessment Customer service 

How the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is creating truly global solutions for digital assessment

4th April 2024 | Online assessment Innovation Future of assessment 

RM Assessment prepares to live-stream an experiment: using AI to translate test items during the Cambridge Assessment Network conference

31st August 2023 | Digital assessment Future of assessment 

How can AI protect the integrity of digital assessments?

As more assessments move online, there is widespread concern around the ease of detecting malpractice going forwards. This blog explores some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions can be used in conjunction with pedagogical practices to safeguard the integrity of assessment.

18th July 2023 | Future of assessment Comparative judgement 

Exploring Adaptive Comparative Judgement as a dynamic solution to assessing creativity

As the importance of creativity is on the rise worldwide, the challenges of its assessment must be addressed. This blog explores Adaptive Comparative Judgement as a powerful alternative way to assess creativity without bias and in a way that doesn't restrict candidates' potential.

25th April 2023 | Future of assessment 

How might assessment evolve to better equip the learners of today for tomorrow?

As technology and the needs of the modern workforce evolve, we look to reimagine approaches to assessment to better equip individuals with the skills needed for success. This blog explores some of the emerging changes in assessment and how embracing the right digital tools can support personalised learning experiences for everyone.

15th March 2023 | Future of assessment 

From assessment design to delivery, how can technology empower accessibility for all?

As we strive to improve assessment processes with the use of technology, we must ensure that accessibility for all is first in line. This blog explores how the design and delivery of digital assessment can ensure all candidates have equal opportunities to demonstrate their potential.

2nd March 2023 | Future of assessment 

Reimagining the way we assess to reflect the modern workforce

As the needs of the modern workforce evolve, we are seeing a shift from knowledge-based learning to developing work-ready learners with practical skills. This blog explores some of the key reasons for this shift, what it could mean for the future of education, and the need to develop more authentic assessments in line with this change.

17th February 2023 | Opinion Future of assessment 

If we can use AI to write essays, should we find another way to assess?

As AI technology rapidly advances, so does its use across industries. The release of ChatGPT has recently taken over the internet and sparked debate as to what this means for the future, and how it can be used. This blog explores the use of AI and ChatGTP from an education and assessment perspective, and whether traditional methods of assessment are fit for purpose as we move into this new era of technology. The way we think about assessment is evolving, and with AI as a key influencer in this shift, we must adapt our approaches.

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