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The Digital Assessment News

29th June 2022 | Research 

New research exploring the evolution, benefits, and challenges of digital assessment

Following more than two years of pandemic-induced disruption, exam halls are once again filled with learners. Yet, things are undoubtedly a little different – with the pandemic fast-tracking the digital transformation of assessment methods to provide continuity during the height of disruption now posing the question: what else can it do? 

27th June 2022 | Innovation What's brewing? 

What's Brewing: An introduction to product design at RM

I’m Rob Brewer and I’m a product designer in RM’s innovation team – RM Studio. I’ve been a designer (service and product) for 6 years and I’ve worked in finance, health tech and now education. Oh and another thing, I’m kind of a big fan of movies. That may or may not become apparent as you read on. 

20th June 2022 | Research 

How important is research in shaping the future of assessment?

At RM, we believe innovation in assessment can transform educational outcomes. For innovation to become reality, we look to quality research as the foundation on which we build. As we build, research continues to underpin our design thinking.  Market intelligence and customer partnerships allow for in-depth user research, that enables tailored digital solutions that meet the changing needs of both our customers and the market. 

14th June 2022 | How to 

Tips to boost your cyber security when using online assessment technology

The education sector has experienced a dramatic shift in the adoption of technology which has highlighted the potential benefits. But the increase in digitalisation has given rise to more frequent cyber-attacks. Last month, Ofqual published new cyber security guidance for awarding organisations because they accept that cyber-attacks will happen, and organisations must be prepared.

17th May 2022 | News Customer 

Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board won two awards in 2021 for adoption of onscreen marking

Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) project “Digitalising Marking of the National Examinations” was conferred the Service Delivery Excellence Award (SDEA), an award under the 2021 Singapore Public Sector Transformation (PST) Awards and the Gold Award of the Singapore Ministry of Education Innergy (Statutory Board) Award. 

23rd March 2022 | Insider 

The future means change for High Stakes Assessment

In February, a group of experts from across the education industry were brought together by the Westminster Education Forum (WEF), to discuss the future of assessment in England. Ian Castledine, RM's Head of Proposition, was on the panel, and I recently caught up with him to discuss some of the highlights.

15th February 2022 | Insider 

Digital assessment v traditional assessment

The importance of assessment in teaching and learning cannot be underestimated. But with the continued rise in the use of technology in all aspects of our lives, what method of assessment best serves the learner in reaching their goals - traditional assessment or digital assessment?

31st January 2022 | Insider 

Five ways digital assessment can enhance the candidate experience

The notion that technology can transform the education and assessment space is not a new one. Yet, it is often still associated with increased automation and reduced learner engagement and interaction. But as assessment technology continues to develop at pace, particularly post-pandemic, new possibilities to enrich the student or candidate experience are being realised.

30th November 2021

FAB 2021: Highlights and insights from the annual conference and awards

RM attended and sponsored the flagship annual conference and awards organised by the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) which took place from 11-12th November. The team who attended have reflected on their main take-aways from the two days.

30th November 2021 | Insider 

Using online assessment tools to aid learning and assessment

An increasing number of educational and awarding organisations are using digital assessment tools for formative and summative assessment and the potential for digital assessment to sit alongside your needs is ever-expanding. But what’s important is getting a solution that truly works for you.

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