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Assessment Blog

7th May 2024

Positive results from RM Assessment’s live-stream experiment: using AI to translate test items during the Cambridge Assessment Network conference

23rd April 2024

RM Assessment and International Baccalaureate announce their new partnership in digital assessment.

4th April 2024 | Online assessment Innovation Future of assessment 

RM Assessment prepares to live-stream an experiment: using AI to translate test items during the Cambridge Assessment Network conference

27th March 2024 | Digital assessment 

Post-webinar blog: Schools engagement with digital assessment

12th December 2023 | Exam malpractice 

Securing the Future of Digital Assessments: AI's Role in Integrity

31st August 2023 | Digital assessment Future of assessment 

How can AI protect the integrity of digital assessments?

As more assessments move online, there is widespread concern around the ease of detecting malpractice going forwards. This blog explores some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions can be used in conjunction with pedagogical practices to safeguard the integrity of assessment.

18th July 2023 | Future of assessment Comparative judgement 

Exploring Adaptive Comparative Judgement as a dynamic solution to assessing creativity

As the importance of creativity is on the rise worldwide, the challenges of its assessment must be addressed. This blog explores Adaptive Comparative Judgement as a powerful alternative way to assess creativity without bias and in a way that doesn't restrict candidates' potential.

5th July 2023 | Candidate experience 

How can collaborating with candidates transform the assessment experience?

In today’s competitive job market, providing a positive and engaging candidate experience is essential to attract and retain top talent. This blog explores how actively working with candidates on feedback, clear guidelines and using the right assessment approach can generate a high quality experience for all.

27th June 2023 | Innovation 

Assessment from RM wins award for innovation at the eAA conference and awards

The value of innovation across education delivery is irrefutable. This year's eAA awards saw submissions from all over the world and we are delighted to receive the 'Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment' award for our exam malpractice service and be shortlisted as finalists for the 'Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project’. This blog explores the projects in more detail.

13th June 2023 | Insider 

A look inside an inspirational work experience week between UTC Oxfordshire and RM

Practical experience is invaluable in developing work-ready candidates. This blog follows a work experience student's time with RM Studio as they explore the thrilling and challenging world of tech innovation.

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