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12th August 2021 | Insider 

What now for high stakes exams?

A level, GCSE, Scottish Nationals and Highers and many equivalent qualification exams were cancelled across the UK for the second year running in 2021 due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic. But this hasn't meant that students and teachers have had an easy ride - quite the opposite in fact.

2nd August 2021 | Insider Remote proctoring 

Remote proctoring: opportunity in a digitally connected world

Remote proctoring or remote invigilation has grown vastly in profile over the Covid-19 pandemic, as education providers, mostly in higher education and professional qualifications, scrambled to keep the examination wheels turning. It is an obvious, and perhaps inevitable, extension of the growing trend towards online and blended learning, and experts believe it is here to stay. The market is forecast to grow 18.1% over the next few years, to reach a global market size of $661.4m by 2025 compared to $340.2m in 2019, according to Market Study Report. 

27th July 2021

Streamlining the marking process for an essential South Africa exam

Now, more than ever, countries around the world are realising the transformative power new technologies can have in the world of education. Some educational bodies had already taken steps to make the most of such technologies. The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) in South Africa has made important progress towards harnessing the vast potential of new technologies to drive enhancements to the country's education system by implementing e-marking.

25th June 2021 | Insider 

The top 5 benefits of digital assessment

Whether you are looking to move away from paper-based exams, enter a new international market or ensure continuity through disruptive events, there are many benefits of digital assessment.

19th May 2021

A spotlight on Vietnam’s transformation in education

The economic transformation of Vietnam since the Doi Moi reforms has been very successful, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the world. From the outset, education has been a central component of reform. As such the government has devoted between 15-20% of its entire spending budget to education since the late 1990s, remaining at 20% over the past 5 years.

14th April 2021

How NZQA embarked on a transformational journey to digital assessment

It is no secret that education systems around the world are adapting and innovating their approaches to teaching and learning in a bid to keep up with the development of technology. These changes have led some awarding organisations, such as the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), to take action to modernise their exams in a way that reflects the digital world that students live, learn and will eventually work in.

16th March 2021

The most authentic assessment is digital

Digital technologies were a saviour in the early days of the pandemic - and again during the second, and now third, national lockdown. Yet, it begs the questions: has COVID-19 been the catalyst to a much more digitally-enabled education system, or is digital adoption just a passing trend simply designed to mitigate the impact on traditional learning? Could it be that as soon as vaccines allow some form of normality to return, the laptops will be put away and Google Meet and MS Teams calls will be a thing of the past as we return to a similar pre-pandemic system? 

18th February 2021 | Insider 

Professional associations at the forefront of digital assessment

Technology continues to evolve at an astounding pace, moving us ever closer to a new leap forward in professional practices and procedures comparable to the 90's metamorphosis brought about by dial-up, productivity software, and email.

10th February 2021

Using Digital Assessment Tools For Formative Assessment

Formative assessment has increasingly been at the forefront of good learning practice since the 1990s. Assessing students in order to support their learning, rather than relying on tests to provide certification, provides learners and teachers with confidence that the relevant knowledge and skills are being retained and developed rather than being simply learnt for an exam.

15th January 2021

Transitioning to digital assessment in high stakes exams

In a fast-changing world, assessment does not have the choice of standing still. Technology is embedded in the lives and learning experiences of students, and assessment needs to embrace this change. 

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