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23rd September 2022 | Exam malpractice 

Remote invigilation: does it help or harm the exam experience?

As part of the global shift towards digital assessment, we are seeing an exponential increase in the number of awarding organisations who offer remote invigilation options to their candidates; this is changing the way assessment is viewed around the world. Out of necessity in 2020, technology companies grew their digital capabilities in the assessment space, exam boards scrambled to migrate assessments onto digital platforms and candidates got to grips with home cameras, headsets, new software and realised the benefits of having more than one screen!

2nd September 2022 | Exam malpractice 

Has the move to digital assessment made cheating easier?

With the pandemic fast-tracking the digital transformation of assessment, awarding bodies are recognising that in some cases, paper-based exams are no longer fit for purpose in a digital age where candidates require on-demand assessments to be flexible and reflect the world they live and work in. Students need to be prepared for work environments that are becoming increasingly shaped by automation and artificial intelligence.

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