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6th October 2022 | What's brewing? 

Searching for criticism, not praise

The point of developing new products is to address problems that aren’t currently being solved. It focuses on what users need, so it’s good design practice to work with the users to figure that stuff out. This echoes what I talked about in a previous blog article: the importance of working with customers, not for them.

27th September 2022 | Research 

The shift to digital assessment: who wins and who loses out?

The pandemic has been a catalyst for change throughout the world. Within the education space, it has caused disruption to traditional methods and for many, encouraged a shift towards online learning and assessment for continuity of learning in such unprecedented times. Although there is progress towards digital technologies as organisations modernise and become more efficient; any further progress requires identifying key ‘wins’ for those considering transforming their assessment process.

23rd September 2022 | Exam malpractice 

Remote invigilation: does it help or harm the exam experience?

As part of the global shift towards digital assessment, we are seeing an exponential increase in the number of awarding organisations who offer remote invigilation options to their candidates; this is changing the way assessment is viewed around the world. Out of necessity in 2020, technology companies grew their digital capabilities in the assessment space, exam boards scrambled to migrate assessments onto digital platforms and candidates got to grips with home cameras, headsets, new software and realised the benefits of having more than one screen!

8th September 2022 | Digital assessment 

Is digital assessment braced to drive UK exams in a new direction?

Following more than two years of COVID-induced hiatus, and the rein of seven secretaries of state over the past six years, educators will be hoping for a more positive academic year this year. But there’s more that Britain’s education system can do to guarantee success beyond simply hoping for a steadier hand on the rudder.

7th September 2022 | Digital assessment 

How can digital assessment tackle inclusion and provide quality education for all?

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on education systems across the globe. For some, the shift to digital assessment proved to be a leveller in putting all learners on equal footing. For others, it widened the divide between pupils' attainment, making it harder for some students to succeed. Earlier this year, we conducted a study that investigated the international digital assessment landscape, specifically looking at how attitudes towards the adoption of digital technologies has changed as we return to a post-pandemic world.

2nd September 2022 | Exam malpractice 

Has the move to digital assessment made cheating easier?

With the pandemic fast-tracking the digital transformation of assessment, awarding bodies are recognising that in some cases, paper-based exams are no longer fit for purpose in a digital age where candidates require on-demand assessments to be flexible and reflect the world they live and work in. Students need to be prepared for work environments that are becoming increasingly shaped by automation and artificial intelligence.

24th August 2022 | Digital assessment 

A-Z of digital assessment: A glossary of terms

We’ve put together a glossary of terms that you will likely come across whether you’re just starting to get to grips with online assessment or you’ve already adopted digital assessment tools and are looking to stay abreast of industry trends. This list will be a live resource at your disposal, that we will update as and when new terms emerge.

15th August 2022 | Research 

Is digital assessment here to stay? Discover the key drivers and barriers

Since the start of the pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated across each and every sector. Education hasn't been immune, especially when it comes to assessment. But the rate at which it's been embraced varies wildly - while some countries have already begun digital assessment pilots, others are still embracing a paper-based approach.

8th August 2022 | What's brewing? 

What's Brewing: Working with our customers, not for them

Teamwork is important to any team, anywhere, and it’s no different for us designers at RM. Working with our colleagues all over the business is vital, but the magic happens when we start solving problems with our customers, not for them.

4th August 2022 | Digital assessment 

Five questions to ask when choosing a digital assessment partner

Whether you are looking to take your first step on your journey towards digital assessment, or you have already implemented assessment technology and are considering switching to a new platform, selecting a digital assessment partner is a complex decision. We've compiled five key questions to ask digital assessment providers to help make sure you find the right fit for your organisation.

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