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31st January 2023 | Exam malpractice 

Using technology against exam malpractice to protect the integrity of your assessments

With more exams moving online, the widespread challenge of exam malpractice in assessment takes on new challenges as some traditional security measures are no longer as effective. At RM, we are committed to satisfying candidate expectations while ensuring the highest level of exam security and so have developed a solution to identify one of the most recognised and fast-growing form of malpractice – collusion. Working alongside clients helps us to accurately identify cases of collusion, develop the solution at scale and at pace, and evolve in line with organisational and market needs.

9th January 2023 | Candidate experience Exam malpractice 

How to tackle assessment malpractice without compromising your candidates’ experiences

Assessment malpractice is an age-old challenge every qualification provider faces – and when mishandled, it can lead to major consequences for everyone involved. Find out how you can maintain the integrity of your professional qualification assessments and protect your candidate experience by tackling malpractice.

4th January 2023 | Candidate experience 

Is digital transformation really worth it for professional qualifications?

As an awarding organisation and professional qualification provider, how can you know if digital assessment is right for you? Let's weigh up the challenges and opportunities ahead.

7th December 2022 | Digital assessment 

What role will digital assessment play in the future of assessment in England’s secondary schools?

Following Ofqual’s announcement of a three-year plan to explore the use of innovative technology in the English exam system earlier this year, there has been some discussion within the assessment sector as to what the future might look like. The Westminster Education Forum held a conference on Wednesday 23rd November to explore just that – the future of assessment in England’s secondary schools. RM’s Head of Propositions for Assessment, Ian Castledine, joined the panel and delivered a keynote speech.

18th November 2022 | Exam malpractice 

Why (and how) are candidates cheating on assessments?

RM’s dedicated research and development team, RM Studio, specialises in user focused testing and learning. To help inform the development of our Exam Malpractice Service in the high-stakes digital assessment space, we reached out directly to candidates to try to understand their reasons for committing malpractice. While we have also interviewed specialists working in awarding organisations to understand malpractice from their perspective, the insights into user behaviour are as, if not more, informative.

10th November 2022 | Digital assessment 

Protecting the integrity of assessment in a changing world

When examining the digital assessment landscape in light of the pandemic, we can see that different approaches are needed across institutions, systems, regions and countries. One shared challenge in assessment is the susceptibility to exam malpractice. In November, we are hosting a webinar that opens this conversation up and explores how digital techniques can be adopted to address instances of exam malpractice, to improve the overall security and integrity of assessments.

10th November 2022 | Candidate experience 

How to deliver a more realistic and relevant candidate experience

As more professional qualification (PQ) providers continue to shift from pen and paper to digital assessment experiences, many are starting to rethink what those experiences should look like. Find out why more realistic candidate experiences are so valuable for modern professional qualifications, and how you can start building them.

8th November 2022 | Digital assessment 

How can digital assessment benefit awarding organisations?

RM recently undertook research into the evolution, benefits, and challenges of digital assessment for high-stakes examinations around the world. The findings describe a mixed picture. Some countries and sectors have reverted to more traditional methods of assessment after the changes imposed by the pandemic. Others are keen to push further with the perhaps unexpected benefits brought by the forced adoption of a more digital approach.

28th October 2022 | Digital assessment 

3 ways digital assessment can revolutionise the university student journey

Like many sectors, education has found itself undergoing digital transformation at pace during the global pandemic to continue providing effective learning and assessment for students. The higher education sector is now looking at flexing and adapting the delivery of content, as well as the engagement and management of students. With a learner-centric culture prevailing, and student retention remaining key across universities, we wanted to look at how exactly digital assessment is changing the learning journey of a university student.

14th October 2022 | Digital assessment 

What are the benefits of digital assessment for professional associations?

New and emerging technologies have changed the face of many professions over the years. From the introduction of computers and calculators in the 20th century, to the developments we are seeing now such as AI, big data, cloud computing as well as mobile and social collaboration, professional working practices are continually being reshaped. As ‘digital by default’ becomes the norm in many sectors, professional associations are working to make sure their qualifications suitably prepare their students for the reality of the profession they will be entering.

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