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27th March 2024 | Digital assessment

Post-webinar blog: Schools engagement with digital assessment

Eleanor Holmes

On February 27th, 2024, we hosted a webinar to discuss how schools are engaging with digital assessments. 

As we move towards a future where digital assessment is an inevitable part of the educational landscape, Ian Castledine, Head of Propositions at RM Assessment, shares his expertise on the steps to successful digital adoption.



Stakeholder management through digital assessment transformation

Ian looks at a range of approaches taken by stakeholders to new technology and change in assessment – discussing approaches to early and late adopters and how to maximise interaction. He also talks about how to win hearts and minds of the different stakeholder groups for a smoother adoption.

How to gradually integrate digital assessment into your school or organisation

He also discusses how you can adopt technology at a pace that suits you – breaking down different approaches taken to bring assessment in gradually. He also discusses introducing the technology itself and explores how elements of the system design can increase inclusion for students.

What are the external factors to consider in digital adoption?

Ian covers the other considerations that need to be taken into account in the school environment to cost out the elements of going digital.

Help with the regulations surrounding digital assessment

Finally, Ian covers the regulatory landscape that is so essential, yet tricky to navigate. He gives hints and tips about what to consider and where to turn for help.

Would you like to discuss how RM Assessment can help you to adopt digital assessment? Get in touch: 

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