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12th June 2024 | Digital assessment

Post-webinar blog: How ACCA is creating truly global solutions for digital assessment

Eleanor Holmes

On May 30th, 2024, we hosted a webinar to discuss how ACCA is creating truly global solutions for digital assessment.

As professional qualifications compete to create the best learner experiences using digital assessment globally, we chat with a leader in this movement, the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) about their challenges and learnings from undertaking a global digital roll out.



How does digital assessment make learners more prepared for the workplace?

Joyce talks through a number of benefits to learners as she discusses the authenticity of assessments to the workplace. This is further covered in the technical section as Chris answers a question about the different question types that are available.

How ACCA doubled the frequency of their exams

To meet the requests of accountancy learners and employers, ACCA wanted a more flexible assessment structure so candidates could be tested on a more frequent basis. There was a need to speed up exam processing time in line with the increased number of exam sessions so that students would receive their results from one examination before entering another. Joyce talks about how they improved efficiency to double the number of exam sessions from 2 to 4.

Increasing global reach to bring accountancy qualifications to more learners

Joyce explains how remote delivery and invigilation of exams has helped ACCA solve their challenges during their global rollout. Chris also touches on some of these challenges during the Q&A when he talks about how RM Assessment can support countries that experience frequent power outages, poor internet connections or loss of connectivity altogether. He also talks about tools available for translation and how RM Assessment works with clients like ACCA to support learners around the world.

Continuing the Q&A

Although the live webinar took place on May 30th, it is still possible for you to watch the recording and ask any questions. We will put them to our speakers and get back to you.

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