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10th November 2022 | Digital assessment

Protecting the integrity of assessment in a changing world

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The global pandemic simultaneously brought harmony and disruption to people and industries worldwide: confronted with the same challenges and adapting life as we know it. For some, they have adopted the changes more quickly and for others, it has emphasised existing divides. When examining the digital assessment landscape in light of the pandemic, we can see that different approaches are needed across institutions, systems, regions and countries. The key is understanding the changes that are needed and supporting those involved to achieve greater outcomes together.

Assessments require time and dedication but can unlock a multitude of life-changing opportunities for learners worldwide. Unfortunately, some challenges still exist in the process. Almost every type of exam is susceptible to instances of malpractice. This is a challenge that assessment providers face whether they are delivering paper exams in a secure test centre, or on-screen assessments taken at home.   

At the end of November, we are hosting a webinar that opens this conversation up and explores how digital techniques can be adopted to address instances of exam malpractice, to improve the overall security and integrity of assessments.  

At RM, we are passionate about working with organisations to address these challenges and achieve your assessment ambitions. If applied in the right way, at the right time, we believe that technology can be a pillar of equality in educational opportunities. The way this can be achieved is through working together to find innovative ways to enable assessment through technology.  

Join us and be part of the conversation in how we can use new approaches to assessment to support organisations against malpractice.   

When: Tuesday 29th November at 10:00 (UTC+00:00)
Where: Virtual, please register interest using the link below.


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